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Eye Examinations

The eye examination is an important part of your healthcare in which the Optometrist can not only calculate your spectacle prescription but also detect all manner of systemic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

NHS Eye Examinations

Many people are entitled to a free NHS eye examination. If you reside in Wales, and have a GP in Wales, most optometrists can also offer a free eye test if:

You're 16 and under

You’re a full-time student aged 16,17 or 18

You’re under 18 and you are a care leaver or are in the care of a Local Authority

You're over 60

You’re on certain benefits or hold a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate (Income Support, Income related Employment and Support Allowance, Tax Credit, Income Based Jobseekers Allowance, Pension Credit Guarantee Credit, Universal Credit and meet the criteria)

You’re named on a valid HC2W certificate

You’re named on a valid HC3 (partial help) certificate

You’re registered sight impaired or severely sight impaired

You have diabetes

You have glaucoma or are considered to be at risk of glaucoma by an ophthalmologist

You are over 40 and are the genetic father, mother, sibling or child of someone with glaucoma

You are reliant on only one eye for seeing (You are uniocular)

You are at risk of developing eye disease based on ethnicity (You are 40 years of age or over and self-certify as Asian or Black or you are under 40 years of age and self-certify as Asian or Black with additional risk factors associated with glaucoma or diabetes).

You are hearing impaired, even with the use of hearing aids

You have Retinitis Pigmentosa

You have been prescribed complex lenses under the NHS optical voucher scheme

If you are on a low income, you may be able to get help with the cost of sight tests, glasses and contact lenses through the NHS Low Income Scheme.  

You are a prisoner on leave from prison

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picture of eye sight test

Eye Health Examinations (EHEW)

The Eye Health Examination Wales is a Welsh Assembly funded initiative that gives the general public access to more in depth eye assessments. This is available to the following groups:

Uniocular patients i.e. patients who would be significantly handicapped if they lost vision in their better eye.

Patients who are profoundly deaf.

Patients with retinitis pigmentosa, or siblings of patients with inherited eye disease.

Patients of Black African, Black Caribbean, Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin.

Patients with a family history of glaucoma.

Any patient presenting with acute symptoms requiring attention.

Patients who are registered blind or partially-sighted.

Aged 40 The patient can self-refer or may be referred by their general practitioner. They may also be referred to us under the EHEW scheme. over with a parent/ brother/ sister/ child who has Glaucoma

OCT Scans

The Ultimate Eye Examination

Having an OCT health check in combination with your normal eye test will allow us to obtain the most detailed information about your overall eye health. Early detection will lead to timely treatment and better outcomes for the health of your eye and your overall health.

It works a little like an ultrasound scan

It shows us beyond the retinal surface and gives a cross section view of the layers of tissue behind the eye

Helping us spot early signs of various retinal diseases, including Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Age Related Macular Degeneration and a great deal more

You will find OCT’s in most hospital eye departments and the results that can be obtained are incredibly detailed.

Suitable for children

Reception area

Discover why patients choose Julian Davies

Whether you need a standard eye check-up, a fresh pair of spectacles, or if you have any queries regarding your eye health, our dedicated team of experts stands prepared to deliver outstanding service. Secure your booking now to embark on the journey to impeccable eye health and crystal-clear vision.

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