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man undergoing low vision assessment

Low Vision Assessment

Your Optometrist will be able to advise you if your vision is at a level where you would benefit from some extra help to see using low vision aids such as magnifiers or extra lighting as well as a number of other products. They can also help those who need to find additional support which is available for those with reduced vision

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Enhancing Independence Through Personalised Low Vision Assessments

At Julian Davies Opticians, we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with low vision. Our comprehensive low vision assessment service is designed to identify the best solutions to maximise your remaining sight. Recognising that every case is unique, our specialists employ a compassionate and detailed approach to evaluate your specific needs. We offer a myriad of assistive devices, from specialised magnifying lenses to advanced electronic systems, all aimed at empowering you to read, write, and manage daily activities with greater ease. By tailoring our support and leveraging the latest advancements in low vision technology, we're committed to helping you navigate your world with confidence and independence.

We also accept referrals from other optometric practices, the voluntary sector and the hospital eye service for our Low Vision Assessments

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Discover why patients choose Julian Davies

Whether you need a standard eye check-up, a fresh pair of spectacles, or if you have any queries regarding your eye health, our dedicated team of experts stands prepared to deliver outstanding service. Secure your booking now to embark on the journey to impeccable eye health and crystal-clear vision.

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