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Sports & Safety

At Julian Davies Opticians we offer a high quality range of durable and fashionable eyewear that will protect your eyes from potential hazards.Most products are available as prescription and non-prescription options enabling you to enjoy participation in your favourite hobby or carry out your job in the knowledge that you aren’t putting your sight at any unnecessary risk.

Sports Glasses

We understand that sports enthusiasts require more than just ordinary eyewear. That's why we're proud to offer an extensive range of sports glasses, specifically designed to enhance your game, no matter your sport of choice. Our selection caters to every athlete, featuring cutting-edge designs that provide not only supreme protection from the elements but also sharp, clear vision that can give you the competitive edge. With lightweight, durable materials and tailored options for various lighting conditions, our sports glasses can improve contrast and depth perception, reduce glare, and shield your eyes from potential hazards. Whether you're cycling down a mountain trail, running a marathon, or scoring on the pitch, Julian Davies Opticians has the perfect pair to elevate your performance and keep your vision at its peak.

man wearing sports glasses
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Discover why patients choose Julian Davies

Whether you need a standard eye check-up, a fresh pair of spectacles, or if you have any queries regarding your eye health, our dedicated team of experts stands prepared to deliver outstanding service. Secure your booking now to embark on the journey to impeccable eye health and crystal-clear vision.

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